Enable software community to grow and achieve software engineering excellence utilizing DevSecOps best practices.

We are a non-profit initiative that can assist you in your projects while using DevSecOps implementations. Automation runs in our blood! All phases of the software development lifecycle are a piece of cake when the cause is great – helping the IT community!

Pipeline Foundation is here to help your projects grow smoothly while providing know-how regarding DevSecOps practices. We thank our sponsors for their continuous support and responsiveness while we build our way through the ceaselessly changing technological world!

Whether you need practical help or just a chat regarding a topic that undoubtedly intrigues you and your colleagues, please do not hesitate to contact us!


  • Use industry DevOps best practices
  • Enable analysis tools for better software insights
  • Provide meaningful reports integrated in DevOps pipeline
  • Protect automation secrets from unwanted leaks
  • Prevent pipeline highjacks


  • Why are you contributing to my project ?

    We frequently look at different projects on GitHub and we contribute to projects we think we can bring DevSecOps value to. If we've contributed to your project, please let us know if you have any feedback.

  • Are you trying to sell me something ?

    We are strictly a non-profit initiative. We do not sell, nor promote services, tools, applications etc. Pipeline Foundation is funded through our sponsors Singlet, still there is no obligation of any kind to use any commercial product or services provided by the sponsors or any other third party.

  • Alright, what if I need help with DevSecOps ?

    We are at your disposal! You can submit an application to our GitHub Onboarding Projects board by clicking the button below, which will redirect you to the issue creation page in our GitHub repo.

Case studies

The following videos are concise technical presentations of our DevOps contributions. Feel free to absorb as much knowledge as possible – as we are contented to come to the aid of any of your projects! Special thanks go to our sponsors for funding the video production process.

  • Notepads - [ repo ]

    Notepads is a modern, lightweight text editor with a minimalist design. Our contribution to the project includes dependency management, code security scanning and a CI/CD pipeline covering all the necessary automation features. We wholeheartedly encourage you to check it out!

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    - Jason Stein

  • MimeKit - [ repo ]

    MimeKit is a .NET MIME creation and parser library. Our contribution to MimeKit is a consolidation of three separate pipelines (one on Azure, one on Appveyor and one on Travis) into a single GitHub Actions CI/CD pipeline. The attention to detail we put in this project, reflects in its simplicity of execution.

  • NanUI - [ repo ]

    NanUI is this really awesome open source .NET project for .NET/.NET Core developers who want to use front-end technologies such as HTML/CSS to build user interfaces for Windows Form applications. Our contribution to NanUI is a robust and concise CI pipeline to allow the owners and contributors to know at all times if the project is in a healthy state or not.

  • Terminal.Gui - [ repo ]

    `Terminal.Gui` or `gui.cs` is a toolkit for building console GUI apps for .NET, .NET Core, and Mono that works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Since the project already had almost every one of its DevOps needs fulfilled, our contribution to `Terminal.Gui` is not huge by any means, but still we do believe that dependency management is important and very useful.

  • RestSharp - [ repo ]

    RestSharp is a very useful REST and HTTP API Client for .NET and we encourage you to check it out. Our contribution to RestSharp includes dependency management and code security and quality scan.

  • MIEngine - [ repo ]

    MIEngine is the Visual Studio MI Debug Engine that provides an open-source Visual Studio Debugger extension that works with MI-enabled debuggers such as gdb and lldb. Our contribution includes dependency management, code quality and security analysis and a development container configuration.